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New Song Church

New Song Church Exists to Help People Know God. Many people today know about God, but they don't know Him in the personal way He can and wants to be known. He feels distant and more like a historical figure than a close friend. At New Song we desire to connect real people with a real God, the real Jesus, and the real Holy Spirit in a way that creates real life change.

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Jessica Super Dogs

Jessica has participated in competitive dog obedience and protection based dog sports for over fifteen years. Beyond that she has successfully trained several therapy and service dogs for comfort, as well as companionship and medical service for their owners. She has continued to learn both in the states and internationally.

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Advanced 4 Solutions, Inc.

Changing the world is what the founders of Advanced 4 Solutions, Inc envisioned when they founded the company in June of 2020. The goal was to build a company dedicated to solving the problems associated with recycling wind turbine blades and other hard to recycle products constructed with fiber-reinforced composites (FRC). The founders soon realized to be the best for the industry would require providing solutions for all phases of the FRC life-cycle process.

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