3D Printing & Design

Our state-of-the-art 3D printers transform your ideas into tangible masterpieces with unrivaled accuracy. Every detail matters, and we make sure they stand out.

Rostock Max v3

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Large Build Volume
  • PLA Compatible

We use this printer to provide rapid protoypes of your ideas. With a fast turnaround time you can see your design in less than a week.

UltiMaker S7

  • Prototyping
  • Large Build Volume
  • Variable Materials

Our newest printer capable of printing in our widest range of materials with extremely fine detail.

FormLabs Form 3L

  • Ultra High Quality
  • Resin

You've protoyped your ideas and now you're ready for the real thing. This printer will be joining our team coming 2024

We offer a wide range of materials...

Our state-of-the-art 3D printers transform your ideas into tangible masterpieces with unrivaled accuracy. Every detail matters, and we make sure they stand out.

Tough PLA

Properties: Tough PLA is similar to regular PLA but with enhanced strength and durability.

Use-case: It's ideal for printing functional prototypes or parts that require higher impact resistance than regular PLA, like snap-fit parts or durable housings.


Properties: PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources. It's known for its ease of use and good surface quality.

Use-case: Suitable for a wide range of printing applications, including household items, models, and non-functional prototypes.


Properties: PETG is a durable, high-strength filament with good flexibility and heat resistance. It's also moisture-resistant.

Use-case: Ideal for mechanical parts, as well as household items that might be subject to stress, like bottle holders or protective components.


Properties: ABS is a strong, durable material with high-temperature resistance. It's slightly flexible and can be post-processed with acetone.

Use-case: Commonly used in the manufacturing of consumer goods, automotive parts, and electronic housings.


Properties: CPE is chemical-resistant, tough, and has good dimensional stability.

Use-case: Suitable for parts that will be exposed to chemicals or require a high degree of precision, like jigs, fixtures, or functional prototypes.


Properties: CPE+ is similar to CPE but offers enhanced temperature resistance and toughness.

Use-case: Perfect for industrial parts and tools that require extra durability and heat resistance, like automotive under-the-hood components.


Properties: Nylon is a flexible, durable material with high impact and abrasion resistance. It's also known for its flexibility.

Use-case: Ideal for functional parts that require a combination of strength, toughness, and flexibility, like gears or living hinges.


Properties: PC is known for its excellent strength and heat resistance, as well as its transparency.

Use-case: Frequently used in applications requiring durability and high-temperature resistance, such as lighting fixtures or transparent protective parts.

TP 95A

Properties: TPU 95A is a flexible, rubber-like material with good abrasion resistance and elasticity.

Use-case: Suitable for parts that require flexibility and durability, like phone cases, flexible hinges, or wearable items.


Properties: PP is lightweight, flexible, and has good fatigue resistance. It's also resistant to chemicals and has a low friction surface.

Use-case: Ideal for living hinges, flexible containers, or parts that will undergo repeated stress, like bottle caps or snap-fit parts.


Properties: Resin in 3D printing is typically a liquid photopolymer that hardens under UV light. It offers high detail, smooth surface finishes, and is available in various formulations for different properties like toughness, flexibility, or transparency.

Use-case: Ideal for applications that require fine details and smooth surfaces, such as intricate jewelry, dental models, or detailed miniatures and figurines. Resins can also be used for creating molds and prototypes that require a high level of precision and a smooth finish.



3D Printing


3D prints start out at $25 but can vary depending on project size, material, and printer used.

What's included:
  • Your choice of material
  • Printed at your specified object size
  • Post-processing & finishing, depending on material
  • Delivered directly to your door

Printing Subscription

$195/month Includes 96 hours of print time